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Finding out, paintings, socialising, travelling, exercising, and extra learning. It may be so much to maintain! Scholar Ambassador Maria from Chile offers us her insights into managing all of these items, whilst managing your self too. Practice in conjunction with her 2d weblog to look how she does it…

My title is Maria and I’m from Chile. I’m doing a postgraduate stage in Industry in CCT faculty. The social media that you’ll simply to find me is on Instagram (@cotegirones).


Operating arduous! (picture: Maria)


I’ll be totally fair… taking time to put in writing this used to be tough. This semester has been a little bit heavy, I’m now not most effective learning however I’m additionally operating in two puts! My first process is as a waitress in Mackenzie’s eating place, and my 2d process is as a receptionist in Abigail’s Hostel. To be honest each puts are so other however I like them anyway. Some of the issues that has helped me to control all of this tiredness and tension, is to paintings with people who I love as a result of then I will disconnect from the rest this is holding me frightened. And, you get to have a laugh whilst you paintings too!



Establishing your time is essential to stay a excellent stability for your existence. What works in reality neatly for me is to be as concentrated as conceivable at school so I don’t have to return to the recordings and pay attention to the category once more. Keeping apart my days into which days I’ll most effective center of attention on learning and not anything else, and what days I will pass out with my buddies, pass to paintings, or do actions has been useful too. Getting a calendar to log all the essential dates and occasions to your faculty, paintings and private schedules turns out to be useful too. I most often get my roster for paintings over the weekend so after I am getting it I will get started setting up how my following week might be. 


Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (picture: Maria)



After all there’s now not a magic formulation to get the whole lot taken care of and now and again you’ll’t do the whole lot that you’re going to need. There might be weeks extra busy than others and weeks that you just gained’t be capable of pass out and once I speak about going out, you’ll at all times must sacrifice your sleep hours! For me, the largest sacrifice when going out is my sleep.  



Surprising Dublin sky (picture: Maria)

Rainbow breaking throughout the clouds (picture: Maria)


There are excellent and unhealthy days, days that you’re going to be extra drained than others. Days the place you’ll see the whole lot darkish however then when strolling against paintings you’ll see an attractive rainbow that during a method or every other, makes you realise how gorgeous it’s and the way fortunate you might be to be found in that second.  





The sorts of jobs that you’ll simply get admission to when you find yourself a visa holder might be “elementary” jobs however it is going to at all times rely on what you might be keen to simply accept. In case you ever take into consideration getting two jobs, the recommendation that I will come up with from my enjoy is: be ready for taxes and get various kinds of jobs. If considered one of your jobs calls for numerous bodily effort, get a 2d one who doesn’t require as a lot shifting, in a different way you’ll be wrecked always.  


Maria is learning Industry at CCT School Dublin


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