Snorkeling Los Tuneles – Off-Campus Learn about

Spring breaking on Isabela Island Pt. 1

Between our third and 4th modules, we have now a week-long spring wreck by which we’re loose to hop between islands of the archipelago. This weblog will duvet my 1st day on Isabela Island when IES Out of the country took us to snorkel Los Tuneles.

Geological Background

Officially referred to as the Cabo Rosa lava tunnels, Los Tuneles (The tunnels) shaped thousands and thousands of years in the past from the lava flows of volcanoes on Isabela Island. Those tunnels shaped when lava flows made touch with water and turned into solidified at the outdoor, leaving their softer insides prone to erosion.

Flora and fauna

Isabela Island is among the few islands within the Galápagos archipelago the place penguins will also be noticed. The endangered Galápagos Penguin is among the smallest on this planet and it’s endemic to the Galápagos Islands. Their colonies are discovered at the coastal lava formations of Isabela Island. Under, you’ll be able to watch a brief video clip the place I stuck 2 of them swimming–they’re in reality speedy!

Whilst penguins are in reality thrilling, Los Tuneles additionally area the Galápagos Inexperienced Sea Turtle. The archipelago supplies those turtles with crucial nesting websites all over the yr. And sure, they’re stunning.

Within the murky waters of Los Tuneles, you’ll additionally spot Blacktip Reef Sharks. Those sharks are delicate creatures that gained’t trouble you (until provoked) all over the day. They feed all over the evening– at which level, you’re truthful sport.

Within the shallower waters of Los Tuneles, you might also spot Golden Rays.

In case you are observant, you’ll spot sea horses like the next:

For those who’re unfortunate like me, you’ll in finding your self head to head with a moray eel. Those eels are competitive once they understand threat, which is completely truthful. In my case, I used to be obliviously nose-deep into this eel’s territory whilst seeking to take photos of every other fish. I wouldn’t do this once more, however a minimum of I snapped this picture:

This weblog put up may pass on eternally, so I’ll permit you to swipe via another photos from snorkeling at Los Tuneles. Experience!


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