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About Flipkart

Flipkart Personal Restricted is an Indian e-commerce corporate established in 2007. The corporate is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India included in Singapore as a non-public restricted corporate. Flipkart began with a main center of attention on on-line e book gross sales and shortly expanded to other product classes comparable to way of life merchandise, electronics, house necessities, house groceries and type. These days, Flipkart is the most important on-line Indian market competing with the sector chief Amazon. Since 2010, the corporate has bought Myntra, Jabong, eBay India, and many others. This weblog on ” Flipkart Interview Questions” lets you apply the questions requested at Flipkart.

Flipkart Recruitment Procedure

The Variety Procedure Is Primarily based On The Publish You Are Making use of For How Ever For Access Stage Place In Flipkart Recruitment Variety Procedure There Basically divided directly to beneath steps as follows

  • On-line Coding or Telephonic spherical
  • More than one Technical Rounds
  • Hiring Supervisor Spherical
  • HR Interview Spherical

On-line Coding Spherical/ Telephonic spherical:

The web spherical is hosted on Hackerrank and on this spherical, the applicants are given round 3 coding questions, of which 2 are simple and 1 is difficult. The collection of questions might range the trouble distribution is identical. The entire spherical is round 60 mins lengthy. Issues are in most cases in keeping with recursion, strings, timber and graphs.

Technical Spherical 1:

Private interview spherical which in large part is composed of algorithmic issues on DS like graphs, dp, matrices and strings. Time and again puzzles also are requested, although usual puzzles, some variation is also there. A powerful working out of information buildings is had to go this spherical.

Technical Spherical 2:

This spherical in most cases is a system coding spherical, wherein a selected drawback is given whose answer is to be constructed from scratch in any language of selection, ex: process scheduling drawback, enforcing an entire textual content line editor with specified options. The spherical is of ~90 minutes and an entire running code with error dealing with is anticipated on the finish.

Hiring Supervisor spherical:

This spherical basically is composed of laborious algorithmic and DS similar issues, most commonly from timber, graphs and related lists, in conjunction with the dialogue of your tasks, the applied sciences utilized in them, the issues confronted and many others. Some conceptual issues associated with OS also are requested.

HR Interview Spherical:

You’ll be able to be expecting HR questions like :

1. Inform about your self.

2. Your shortcomings and strengths.

3. Dialogue referring to your put up within the corporate

Eligibility Standards

The eligibility standards for the brisker to enroll in Flipkart is 60% way in tenth, twelfth and in Commencement. Applicants should have no pending backlogs on the time of showing for the Flipkart Recruitment procedure. 

Different necessities come with:

Applicants should Be Versatile To Paintings In Shifts.

Applicants Will have to Have Just right Communique Talents.

Applicants Will have to Have A Just right Dangle On Arithmetic Or Will have to Be Just right In Calculation.

Applicants should Have Just right Instructional Information From Magnificence X On Wards.

Applicants Who Have Attended Flipkart Interview Or Recruitment Sooner than 6 Months Want Now not Follow.

Flipkart Interview Questions

Which is the quickest solution to kind a virtually looked after array?

This is without doubt one of the essential Flipkart Interview Questions

There are a large number of sorting algorithms like insertion kind, bubble kind, merge kind, variety kind, heap kind, and quicksort.The array is sort of looked after. The most productive-preferred approach is the insertion kind as proven within the beneath program one can infer that insertion kind is the quickest approach. This code makes use of the time within the python library to depict the entire execution time for insertion kind and merge kind. 

#Uploading Library
import timeit
def insertion_sort():
    insert_arr = [4, 5, 7, 6]
    for i in vary(1, len(insert_arr)):
        # Set key:
        key = insert_arr[i]
        j = i - 1
        whilst j >= 0 and insert_arr[j] > key:
            # Switch:
            insert_arr[j + 1] = insert_arr[j]
            insert_arr[j] = key
            # Decrement 'j':
            j -= 1
def merge_Sort():
    myList = [4, 5, 7, 6]
    if len(myList) > 1:
        mid = len(myList) / 2
        left = myList[:mid]
        proper = myList[mid:]
        # Recursive name on left and proper part
        # 2 iterators for traversing the 2 halves and one iterator for major checklist
        i = 0
        j = 0
        ok = 0
        whilst i < len(left) and j < len(proper):
            if left[i] < proper[j]:
              # The left part price is used
              myList[k] = left[i]
              # Transferring the iterator ahead
              i += 1
                myList[k] = proper[j]
                j += 1
            # Transferring to the following slot
            ok += 1
        # For all of the different closing values in checklist
        whilst i < len(left):
            myList[k] = left[i]
            i += 1
            ok += 1
        whilst j < len(proper):
            j += 1
            ok += 1
print("Insertion kind:")
print("Merge kind:")

Alternatively, merge kind is liked when the order of enter on no longer identified and the worst-case time complexity is nlogn. While bubble kind time complexity of n and fast kind provides complexity of n^2.

What’s a hash desk? Give an explanation for how hash purposes and buckets paintings.

A hash desk or hash map is an information construction that gives direct get admission to to things in keeping with a key. This can be a construction that may map keys to values. Hash tables put into effect an associative array, which is listed by way of arbitrary gadgets (keys). A hash desk makes use of a hash serve as (is used to map information of random length to fixed-size values.)to compute an index, also referred to as a hash price, into an array of buckets or slots, from which the specified price can also be discovered.

The primary options of the important thing (a novel string or integer)used:

The important thing used can also be your Social safety Quantity, your phone quantity, checking account quantity, and many others

Keys should  at all times be distinctive

Every secret’s at all times mapped to its related a price

Few homes of Hash Purposes are:

Computation could be very speedy (nearly consistent)

Can’t be reversed it’s unidirectional

Enter knowledge is hidden output doesn’t expose inputs knowledge

Arduous to search out collisions (other information with the similar hash)

Implementation is constructed the usage of parity-preserving bit operations (XOR and ADD), multiply, or divide.

Hash buckets are used to allocate information pieces for sorting or look up functions. The purpose is to weaken the related lists in order that in search of a selected merchandise can also be accessed inside of a shorter period of time. 

A hash desk that makes use of buckets is a mix of an array and a related checklist. Every part within the array i.e. The hash desk is a header for a related checklist. All components within the array that hash into the similar location can be saved within the checklist. The hash serve as allocates each and every document to the primary slot inside of one of the vital buckets. If the slots are occupied, then the bucket slots can be searched sequentially till an open slot is located. If the bucket is totally crammed, the document gets saved in an overflow bucket of countless capability on the finish of the desk. All buckets percentage the similar overflow bucket. Alternatively, a excellent implementation will use a hash serve as that distributes the information calmly a number of the buckets in order that as few information as imaginable move into the overflow bucket.

Within the given array of integers, in finding Pythagorean triplets.

This is without doubt one of the essential Flipkart Interview Questions

A Pythagorean triplet is a suite {a, b, c} such that a2 = b2+ c2. The consumer can be supplied with an array of integers and has to spot all of the imaginable units of Pythagorean triples.

Set of rules

We will remedy the issue by way of sorting the given array in ascending order, first in O(n2).

The stairs concerned could be:

  1. Sq. each part within the given array after which kind it in ascending order.
  2. For the reason that array now accommodates squares, the brand new equation for triplet turns into a = b + c. Now repair ‘a’ to be the remaining part of this looked after array, 
  3. Repair b as the primary part of the looked after array and c because the part proper sooner than part a. Since numbers are certain and the array is looked after, b<a and c < a. To search out triplets, run a loop that will increase b from 1. 
    1. Building up the location of b if b + c < a
    2. Lower the location of c if b + c > a
    3. If the sum is the same as a, then print the sq. root of the 3 numbers, increment b, and decrement c.
    4. Repeat the remaining step for each and every part a within the array.
import java.io.*; 
import java.util.*; 
import java.lang.Math; 
magnificence PythagoreanTriplet { 
  static void find_Triplet(int arr_trip[], int n) 
    // Step1 squaring each part in an array
    for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) 
      arr_trip[i] = arr_trip[i] * arr_trip[i]; 
    // Step2 and Step 3 solving part a b and c and sorting array
    for (int i = n - 1; i >= 2; i--) {  
      int b = 0; 
      int c = i - 1; 
      whilst (b < c) { 
        // if triplet discovered 
        if (arr_trip[b] + arr_trip[c] == arr_trip[i]) {
          Device.out.printf("Triplets are: %f, %f, %fn", new Object[] {Math.sqrt(arr_trip[b]), Math.sqrt(arr_trip[c]), Math.sqrt(arr_trip[i])});
        if (arr_trip[b] + arr_trip[c] < arr_trip[i]) 
  // Major code 
  public static void major(String[] args) 
    int arr_trip[] = { 3, 7, 4, 6, 5 }; 
    int arr_trip_size = arr_trip.duration; 
    find_Triplet(arr_trip, arr_trip_size);

Compute the closest palindrome collection of the given quantity.

The issue remark is that if for a  given quantity activity is to search out the nearest palindrome quantity.   

As an example, if the quantity entered is say 43 then there are two numbers that should show the nearest palindrome quantity which is 44.

Under are a couple of answers that may be regarded as. 

Answer 1: If a host accommodates all 9’s digits then we will be able to get the following closest Palindrome by way of merely including 2 to it. num = 99 : output : num + 2 = 101.

Answer 2: Every other imaginable means of having the nearest palindrome is to duplicate the primary part of the quantity and upload a reflect symbol on the finish of it. Left part : As an example, left facet of “456789” is “456” and the left part of “456789” is “4 5”. To transform to a palindrome, we will be able to take the reflect of its left part. 

Let’s quantity: 456789 

After copying the primary part, append the opposite of it on the finish quantity looks as if:

we get palindrome 456654

Answer 3: Every other imaginable means of having the nearest palindromic quantity is by way of decrementing and incrementing the center digit by way of one at the palindrome. 


The interview questions must be directed in opposition to acquiring details about the process seeker’s talent to accomplish the tasks of the process, in addition to their motivation for in need of the location. The interviewer must additionally ask questions concerning the process seeker’s {qualifications}, paintings enjoy, and abilities.


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