Spanish phrase of the day: merienda

Translation: snack…however that doesn’t do it justice.

Merienda is likely one of the perfect portions of the day. Whilst it’s no longer an “authentic” meal, it is not uncommon observe to have a snack and a drink round 4 or 5 within the afternoon. Goodies are indisputably the most well liked all over merienda. Croissants, pastries, perhaps a savory empanada or two. However, the beverage that you are going to all the time see, definitely, is named mate.

Mate (mat-eh) is a tea-like drink this is principally the espresso of Argentina. It’s a caffeinated drink that takes somewhat extra effort than simply preventing at a café. So as to make mate, you want a selected roughly cup (also known as a mate), a bombilla (mate straw), yerba (the tea leaves) and a thermos, since you’re going to need to drink it anywhere you find yourself.

Mate originated right here in Argentina and is supposed to be shared. Other folks most often make one cup of mate, drink all the water out of the cup, fill it up once more, after which go it to the following individual. It’s a drink that you simply proportion with buddies, coworkers, or new faces. It’s a second of group. This, sadly, isn’t relatively as commonplace because the pandemic started. However folks will nonetheless sit down in parks with family members, sharing mate, each and every unmarried day.

It’s a convention that emphasizes the significance of connection on this tradition, in addition to enjoyable and taking part in lifestyles’s little moments. It’s great to have a day-to-day task that does so. It slows lifestyles down and lets in everybody to absorb each and every 2d, which I feel lets all do extra of.


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