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What a wonderful Holy Week it’s been! Palm Sunday in Krakow used to be in contrast to any I’ve observed in the United States. We started with a meeting outdoor the place the bishop blessed everybody’s arms, adopted through a procession into the church to constitute Christ’s triumphant front into Jerusalem. The Mass on the shrine used to be gorgeous as same old, particularly on the finish. There used to be a big staff of folks given huge arms, taller than themselves, they usually banged them at the flooring to the beat of the last track. It used to be so wonderful to peer a gaggle of folks so invested in celebrating the start of Holy Week and doing their very best to are living authentically Christian lives.

The priests outside before the procession!
The monks outdoor ahead of the procession!

Everybody in Krakow used to be making ready for Easter this week. In the primary marketplace sq., they arrange a big Easter marketplace this is working till this coming Easter Monday. They bought anything else, from Polish pottery to Easter baskets and childrens’ toys. You might want to really feel the anticipation of Easter within the air. Monday via Wednesday had been commonplace magnificence days, however I handed during the Easter marketplace a couple of instances to perform a little present buying groceries between rounds of homework. My buddies and I are doing “Secret Easter Bunny” presents for each and every different, so I had numerous a laugh exploring the marketplace for the ones presents.

We didn’t have magnificence on Holy Thursday, and the Mass wasn’t till 6 pm, so we had numerous unfastened time. A couple of of my buddies and I went to a mall shut through to buy an Easter get dressed… and I can have had slightly an excessive amount of a laugh and acquired a couple of extra articles past a brand new Easter get dressed. After buying groceries, I took slightly nap ahead of on the point of move downtown to the Dominican basilica for Mass. I finished at a espresso store for an hour or with the intention to get slightly paintings executed ahead of heading to the church early to get just right seats. The Dominican church used to be totally packed! Sitting down, I couldn’t even see the regulate, however it used to be nice to peer such a lot of folks appearing up for this pretty Mass. There have been such a lot of monks that processed in, and the tune sung through the choir used to be completely pretty. Past all this good looks even though, I attempted my very best to bear in mind what it supposed to go into into the Triduum season. This used to be the night time Christ instituted the Eucharist and the priesthood. It should had been a crowded church, making it tricky to peer what used to be happening, however I didn’t want to see essentially. I used to be taking part within the Mass to commemorate this necessary night time. For the reason that Triduum is one steady liturgy and not using a ultimate blessing till Easter Vigil, Holy Thursday ends with a Eucharistic procession, mirroring Christ going into the lawn to wish and get ready for His Hobby the following day. After the procession, my buddies and I went out to dinner to have a good time this holy day. The Mass had long gone overdue, so we didn’t get to dinner till 9 or so, and we didn’t depart till after 10:30, so a overdue dinner to mention the least! In a while, I went to wish in any other church within reach with buddies, since Jesus could be reposed in church buildings the world over this night to characterize His time in Gethsamane.

Excellent Friday used to be most likely my favourite liturgy to witness in Krakow to this point. I went right here to the shrine once more, and as soon as once more, there have been many many monks and altar boys who processed in silence with Cardinal Dziwsz. All of the liturgy used to be very intentional. You might want to see how necessary it used to be for those folks to totally input into this time of commemorating the Lord’s dying out of affection for us. All of the Gospel used to be sung, with the other voice portions, since we had been studying the Hobby. The choir sang the group’s strains, and I used to be blown away through all of it. After the homily used to be the veneration of the Pass, the place you’ll be able to move as much as reverence the Pass through a genuflection, kiss, or any other signal of love. There used to be one Pass for the entire church to venerate, making this a part of the Mass smartly over an hour. Seeing what number of people sought after to attend to have only a few seconds to reverence our Lord’s sacrifice used to be very transferring. I started to get impatient after some time however used to be reminded of the way lengthy it will have to had been status on the foot of the Pass, observing Christ die, and that helped me put this little discomfort of sitting and ready into point of view.

Cardinal Dziwsz prostrate on Good Friday
Cardinal Dziwsz prostrate on Excellent Friday
So many priests and alter boys!
Such a lot of monks and change boys!

The veneration used to be adopted through the distribution of communion and any other Eucharistic procession! I’ve by no means witnessed a Eucharistic procession after Excellent Friday. They positioned Jesus into the monstrance, after which coated the monstrance with a veil. Cardinal Dziewz then processed with all of the monks and altar boys into the crypt of the sanctuary the place Jesus would keep for adoration till Easter Vigil the next night time.

Veneration of the Cross
Veneration of the Pass
Cardinal Dziwsz venerating the Cross
Cardinal Dziwsz venerating the Pass
Jesus in the Eucharist at the end of the Good Friday liturgy
Jesus within the Eucharist on the finish of the Excellent Friday liturgy
Jesus in the Eucharist in the crypt of the sanctuary
Jesus within the Eucharist within the crypt of the sanctuary

After a few three-hour liturgy, my buddies and I went again to our flooring to look at The Hobby of the Christ to near the night time. Should you haven’t observed this film, I will’t counsel it sufficient. It’s a great reminder of the way harsh the torments had been that Christ persisted, however with out them, there could be no victory over dying and sin.

I’m praying for you all as we shut out this Holy Week and head into the Easter season. Understand that Easter is what provides which means to the remainder of our lives. The hope of Christ emerging from the useless and defeating sin and dying is the rationale we will proceed to are living our lives in pursuit of Heaven. Please stay praying for me, and I’ll see you all subsequent week to inform you about Easter! Czesc!


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