Create an Amazon S3 Account to Proportion Classes for Loose

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Preferably you will have an LMS or the use of a product like Upward to proportion your e-learning classes. On the other hand, there are lots of instances you don’t want a formal control device. As an example, you might take care of a certified portfolio the place you proportion classes and paintings samples.

Amazon S3 is a simple approach to try this. And it’s moderately easy : create the account, add your recordsdata, create a URL, and let other folks get right of entry to the content material. The fee is nominal. Odds are you received’t pay the rest and should you do, it’s just a few bucks a yr.

Proportion Classes with Amazon S3 Educational

Right here’s a snappy educational that walks thru find out how to create the account and get all of it arrange. I additionally display find out how to use Cloudberry Explorer (any other loose product) to control importing and growing the URL.

View the educational on YouTube.



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