Coil style electric vibrators

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Vibrators Coil style electric
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Vibrators Coil style electric
The Ford Motor Company continued to expand and improve its coil-manufacturing department. Drawings for N, Acc.
Vibrators Coil style electric
Instead, Kingston and Heinze continued to make improvements in the designs of their coils to alleviate the problem. When the contact brakes, current stops flowing through the primary circuit, the magnetic field collapses, inducing a high voltage through the secondary circuit connected to the spark plug.
Vibrators Coil style electric
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Vibrators Coil style electric
The A2 design was made only at Ford.
Vibrators Coil style electric
Williams' grub screw design was replaced with a simple steel stamping.
Vibrators Coil style electric
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Vibrators Coil style electric
Photo 2—Schematic diagram of the K-W vibrator coil showing the primary and secondary circuits, the contact points, and the condenser. The engine of the Fordson was expected to operate at high speed for long time periods.
Vibrators Coil style electric
Photo 1—A simple vibrator Coil style electric vibrators ignition system showing the layout of the commutator, coil, and wiring. Photo 39—Top view of a fiber-case coil showing how the contact bridge support collars were cast into the top of the box.
Vibrators Coil style electric
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