Anal thermometer torture

Added: 24.03.2018

Duration: 5:22

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Thermometer torture Anal
Things I Hate: Rectal Thermometers
Thermometer torture Anal
Yes, I love this stuff and I would like to see more. Joe held the syringe like a dart, then pressed it into his flesh.
Thermometer torture Anal
After putting a bandage over each needle wound, he deflated the butt-plug and withdrew it with a wet squelching noise, Cap letting out a sigh of relief.
Thermometer torture Anal
New story and text submissions
Thermometer torture Anal
Maybe this is the kind of thing we should do to captured terrorists.
Thermometer torture Anal
He prepared a second in the same fashion, but it had more fluid and a slightly longer needle. He pulled his gloves off, reclining the table with Cap.
Thermometer torture Anal
He tenses, his internal muscles squeezing the metal scope tightly in discomfort. Think warm thoughts, boy, 'cause this is mighty cold.
Thermometer torture Anal
Joe shakes his head, pulling out a paper sachet of supplies. Damn dude…that story was hot AF….
Thermometer torture Anal
You may want to look away. D And you should definitely post your other fics as well.
Thermometer torture Anal
More plz it was great. Just try to relax, sir.
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